The Best Music With Lighting For Your Special Event
DJ funtasy at keedra party during the mix
Make your event more special and memorable by adding the best music, played through great sounding equipment with lighting and a nice presentation.
DJ funtasy create mixes with tracks from genres like pop, dance, house, hip hop, reggae, dance hall, soca, RnB, rock, afro beats and others.
A great dj service for all occasions to include weddings, birthdays, corporate events, college functions, baby showers, sweet sixteens and other parties.
My goal is your goal, the success of your event. Listen to the different mixes and see the playlist associated with them on this page.

What are your favorite songs? Contact us here.

Keedra and her mom with dj funtasy

Keedra and her mom hired me to dj at a birthday celebration for their family member. This event was held in margate florida.


The audience was a mix of old school and contemporary music preferences.

I created different musical segments and also took song requests to please everyone.

It usually takes a little time like a few songs to learn what the audience really wants.

In the end it was all good and everyone had a great time. Especially keedra and her mom was very happy with the selection of music that I played.

DJ funtasy at a birthday party in margate florida
DJ funtasy at keedra party 2
DJ funtasy plays for a birthday party in margate

DJ Funtasy Biography

         It all started from childhood and listening to the radio while growing up in the mid to late 70s. My first collection came from music I taped to a cassette from the radio in the early 80s.


I followed my passion for the music and by now I am in my early teens. I purchase my first stereo component set with a single turntable and started my vinyl collect of reggae, pop, r&b and others in the late 80s to early 90s.

In the early 90s I started practicing the bass guitar and became a bass player in a local reggae band. I did not stop my collection of music, which eventually got switched over into an mp3 collection. We also have a reggae band of which I am the founder.

I started playing as a DJ at parties and weddings of friends and family. My combined experience of a musician and a DJ has given me a very wide knowledge of music from all genres and how others could perceive them.


Mark Mckenzie aka DJ funtasy is ready to rock your party with the best music and lighting. Contact us today and tell us about your upcoming event. We will put together a nice entertainment package for you.

DJ funtasy entertaining his audience

The night was still young when three people walked in looking for a great time.


They certainly "let off some steam" because I DJ funtasy made sure they had the best time.


It was a mix of afrobeats, electronic dance, reggae, dance hall and soca.


It seems as though I knew exactly which tunes to play because they danced to every single song.

This small group includes folks that had a visiting friend from out of town and wanted to get out and have some fun.

Here are some short sample mixes and playlists that yours truly dj funtasy has created. 

DJ funtasy dance and house music mix

Dance & House

I know you love to dance and I have the best selections of electronic dance and house music. Tracks from the 80s, 90s and today to get you on your dancing feet. Euro is an awesome and pulsating type of music to keep you rocking all night long.
DJ funtasy pop music mix


Popular sing-a-long to pop songs that you know. Five decades of fabulous music to enjoy. I dj funtasy personally hand picked all the music in my collection. Don't be afraid to make a song request and I will gladly play it for you.
DJ funtasy wedding song mix

Wedding Songs

To make your special day even more special I have compiled the greatest wedding music. For the ceremony,
 reception entrance, first dance, slow dance, upbeat dance segment and other special requests.
DJ funtasy hip hop playlist

Hip Hop 

Yours truly DJ funtasy understands that different kinds of people likes different kinds of music. This is why my collection is so diverse, because I love to see my audience happy at all times. You know the hits and I have got them for you. 
DJ funtasy reggae music mix


Starting with a couple of the classic reggae legends such as jimmy cliff and bob marley in the late 60s. To modern reggae singers like romaine virgo and chris martin. You will get nothing but the greatest songs to add that Jamaican feel to your event.
DJ funtasy rock music mix

Rock Music

This is one of the oldest genres of music that started in the late 1940s. And has gotten very diverse since then into present day. There are over 30 variations of rock music to include rock and roll, punk, metal, surf and others.
DJ funtasy soca music mix


An up tempo genre of dance music originated in Trinidad and Tobago in the 70s. Soca has developed into a range of styles across the Caribbean since the 80s and after. It Derived from calypso music by lord shorty.
DJ funtasy dance hall music mix

Dance Hall

Another style of Jamaican music that started in the mid 80s and took the world like a storm. Some of the top dance hall artists like shabba ranks, yellow man, supercat, lady saw, sean paul, shaggy, spice and beenie man. Just to name a few helped to make this genre popular.
DJ funtasy upbeat music mix


Feel good music that puts a grin on your face while you move your dancing feet. Dance floor billboard jams from singers like rihanna, daft punk, chris brown, avicii, justin beiber, martin solveig, pharrell williams and many more.
DJ funtasy R&B soul music mix

Slow Jams

Dance close with your partner to the best R&B soul. Groovy mood changing songs with the message of love. If you are familiar with the quiet storm radio program that starts at 7pm.  Then you will know the type of music to expect.
DJ funtasy afrobeats music playlist


The fusion of sounds also call Afro-pop from the countries of Ghana and Nigeria. Afrobeats is just a name that describes a variety of west African music. This genre was developed in the early 2000s and has became very popular in the United States.
DJ funtasy disco music mix


Songs from the disco era that you know from artists like donna summer, gloria gaynor, kool and the gang, shalamar, earth wind and fire, heatwave and more. Classic up tempo beats that will bring back the good old days.

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Keedra and her mom with dj funtasy