The Best Music And Lighting For Your Event
      Make your event special and memorable with great music, lighting and a nice presentation. We create mixes with tracks from genres like pop, dance, house, hip hop, reggae, dance hall, soca, RnB, rock and others.
Yours truly DJ funtasy is ready to listen to you, hand pick and customize a playlist that will suit the theme of your event. It is an easy process to get started, contact us today.


It all started from childhood and listening to the radio while growing up in the mid to late 70s. My first collection came from music I taped to a cassette from the radio in the early 80s.


I followed my passion for the music and by now I am in my early teens. I purchase my first stereo component set with a single turntable and started my vinyl collect of reggae, pop, r&b and others in the late 80s to early 90s.

In the early 90s I started practicing the bass guitar and became a bass player in a local reggae band. I did not stop my collection of music, which eventually got switched over into an mp3 collection. We also have a reggae band of which I am the founder.

I started playing as a DJ at parties and weddings of friends and family. My combined experience of a musician and a DJ has given me a very wide knowledge of music from all genres and how others could perceive them.


Mark Mckenzie aka DJ funtasy is ready to rock your party with the best music and lighting. Contact us today and tell us about your upcoming event. We will put together a nice entertainment package for you.


Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Phone: 954-643-6176


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